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Orphan Ministry

At Olathe Bible Church, we desire to be known as a church that responds to God’s heart for the fatherless. We engage in caring for the fatherless because we are God’s children, meant to be a reflection of His character – and God is Father of the fatherless (Psalm 68:5).


Orphans are the symptom of brokenness in a community. Broken men and women. Broken marriages. Broken economy. Broken education. Broken politics. Broken bodies. The children are the ones at the end of the brokenness. They feel it all, and their lives are drastically altered as a result. We have an opportunity to help mend their lives…not just minister to those along the broken path but also minister to the little ones who suffer in its wake.


Orphan Ministry of Olathe Bible Church addresses the prevention, intervention and after care of ministry to the fatherless.

For questions or to get involved, please contact Jodi Parker.

Care Portal

CarePortalLogo1The Care Portal is used in counties across Kansas and Missouri. It brings the needs of hurting children and families to our attention. Child Welfare workers uncover the needs. The Care Portal makes local churches aware, giving us a timely, non-threatening invitation and opportunity to respond.


Through the Care Portal, we can help with material, financial, mentoring, and placement needs. How? Get on the email distribution list and receive notifications when requests are made from Child Welfare workers. If you can help, you respond. If you can’t, you don’t. It’s that simple.


The Care Portal prevents the separation of families, reunites families, and supports hurting children and families on a mental and emotional level so they can heal and move forward.


Learn more at careportal.org.

Adoption Assistance Fund

We want to intervene and keep children from becoming orphaned. That’s why our Orphan Ministry encourages families to adopt through our Adoption Assistance Fund. This fund supports families financially through matching grants and loans in order to make the financial process easier. This fund is made possible through our partnership with Lifesong for Orphans, who administers our funds.

Family Network

We also encourage and support families to adopt and foster through our Family Network. The Family Network is for any fostering, adopting or support family, anywhere along the journey. We enjoy a dinner together and then hear from a presenter who speaks on a relevant topic. Childcare is available as well. The Family Network is open to any family in our local community.


The Family Network connects families who can relate to one another because they share similar experiences. In addition, we want to equip all foster, adopting, and support families with the resources we have available. This includes the valuable contacts we have made with local experts and the information we have learned throughout the development of our Orphan Ministry.


We meet on the fourth Thursday of each month from 6 pm to 7:30 pm in Room 217B. Dinner and child care provided. Please RSVP. Contact Pat Sisk for more information.

Wrap Around Care

Wrap Around Care is essential. As a family journeys through the fostering or adopting process, individuals and families who come alongside them are a vital part of the process. Having one other family (which we call Support Family) know you and be there for you is the #1 defense against the fostering or adopting family falling apart. The Support Family is like extended family. Can’t commit as a full-time Support Family? That’s ok. There are other ways you can help. Individuals or families can provide one-time or occasional support (often a backup to the Support Family). This could look like bringing a meal, helping with yard work, transportation, or babysitting. In addition, you also can mentor, tutor, or provide professional services like counseling to a child. All of these elements combined is what it looks like for the Church to wrap around the families stepping into foster care or adoption. We encourage our support families to be a part of the Family Network so they can better understand the challenges, issues and victories that fostering and adopting families face.