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Perhaps it’s a member of your family or someone at work or next door. It might be someone you know from school or the sports team. There is a person or a family you know well that doesn’t go to church regularly, but they are open to the idea of going to church. Experience has taught us that these are the people in our lives that are most likely to accept a simple, personal invitation to come experience a Christmas Eve service. All it takes is an invitation from you.

We’re not asking you to blanket your neighborhood with cold, impersonal flyers or cold-call every cubicle in the office building. Instead, we’re challenging everyone to prayerfully consider the one person or family to invite to join you for one of our five Christmas Eve services this year.

Pastor Brandon and the band will lead us in timeless Christmas songs intermixed with practical teaching about the Christmas story from Pastor Mike. Each service will be about an hour long, and we have options for both the morning, the afternoon and late night to fit all personality types and schedules. 9 and 10:30 am, 3:30, 5 and 11 pm.


  • Begin by praying for guidance on who you should invite. Focus on people you know that aren’t Christians and who don’t regularly attend church. Perhaps people you know to that have shown an openness or interest in spiritual conversations. If some neighbors come to mind but you have a hard time remembering names, here is a great resource for you.
  • Once you decide on who to invite, spend time praying for that person or family every day. Share your decision with a pastor or your Life Group leader so we can pray alongside you.


  • Make your invitation personal. Have a face to face conversation and hand them one of the invitation cards we’ve printed up (available starting December 10 at the Information kiosk).
  • Consider making some treats to deliver to your friend or neighbor with your invitation.
  • Follow your personal invitation with a Facebook event invite.
  • Be flexible and understanding of the needs and schedules of others. Maybe your plan was to come at 9 am but your friend is available in the evening. Consider choosing a time that best fits the schedule of the person you’re inviting.
  • Invite them to join you for a meal before or after a service.
  • Remind them that kids are welcome. In fact, we’re planning the service with kids in mind.


  • Keep praying, even after you get an answer. Pray whether they say yes or no.
  • If you don’t get an immediate answer, then follow up. Sometimes people just need a little time to think it over or talk with a spouse. Following up isn’t being pushy. It shows you genuinely care.
  • If you feel God is leading you to invite someone else, then go for it!
  • Help them feel comfortable when they come with you. Be a good host. Introduce them to others. Let them know where the restrooms are. Think of it as if they are guests in your home when they are with you at church.
  • Know that your church staff and elders are praying with you!
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