Paulos Visits Ethiopia


Paulos Assefa leads the effort by Olathe Bible Church to reach people in need of the gospel of Jesus in his home country of Ethiopia. We work alongside UpGlobal Network and local pastors in-country to develop an effective strategy and network for evangelism. In early April, Paulos traveled to Africa to check on the work there. Read his account from one day of his journey.

“Early in the morning we drove to the city called Adwa, which is about 70 miles from the City of Axum. This place is known in history where the Ethiopians won the war against Italy aggression during the first world war. We met an evangelist who has been sent by the Baptist Church of Mekelle to plant churches.

There are about 10,000 people live in these area and no one has brought them the Gospel of Christ before the evangelist came. Most of the people in the area are either Christian or Muslim, and there are some witch craft worshipers in the area. Because of persecution, most people do not want to hear the Gospel of Christ and, according to the evangelist, it took him about 9 months to start the first home cell of underground discovery bible study. Praise God there are four home cells believers in these area. Each cell group have five members who study the bible together and worship Christ and taught to lead a new home cell after committed to be a follower of Christ.

The people lack school, health clinic, electricity, and clean water. Most of the kids are not able to go to school because they need to walk more than 20 kilometers to go to the nearby school. The evangelist prayerfully engaged to be the light of Christ in this community and waiting God to be glorified in the lives of many in spite of all the persecution and hardships. After I spent three hours with Brother Fitsum and the evangelist, I am totally convinced of their strategy of church planting movements. God will soften the hearts of thousands to hear and believe the message of Christ. We prayed in agreement for partnership for business as a mission strategy and God to give us a clear direction for the kids to have school for grade 1 to 4 were the kids could learn as well about the Christ. Would you pray please for these people to be delivered from all darkness captivities and have hope in Christ?”



A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Northern Ecuador on Saturday, April 16, killing hundreds and injuring thousands.  Thousands more have been displaced from their homes, and clean water is scarce.
Many have asked, “What can I do?"  As followers of Jesus, the first thing we all should do is pray.  Pray for the hearts of those devastated by the loss of loved ones, of their homes, and their livelihood; pray for the world community to come to their aid; pray for the 8 percent of the Ecuadorian population who are evangelical Christians to be the light of Jesus to those affected by this disaster.  Pray for His mercies to overwhelm the nation.  And please take time to pray for protections of the young men and women, as sex trafficking is already a high risk and this type of disaster will leave them more vulnerable than ever. When we can’t think of what to pray, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead you.
Something else we can do is give to those in need.  We recommend that all who are led to donate to the relief efforts visit one or more of the sites below, with whom we are familiar, and give or serve in whatever manner you are able.
For more information, please contact Dallas Hayden of our Global Missions team.